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From President Desk
Vadodara SPCA, established in 1991 is the first organized Animal Welfare body in the city (other than age old established Panjarapoles) with the aim and object of treating the wounded and sick stray animals living in the human habitat and restoring to good health and returning to their original environment or offer for adoption. There are two major stray animals amidst the society dogs and cows. The former are owned and the dogs are truly stray.

Problem of stray cows roaming the city is beyond the resolve of Vadodara SPCA. Menace of stray dogs is greater and Vadodara SPCA expanded its role to control the stray canine population in the city. In the last two years this has become a major activity which has also helped in meeting expenses for the other animal welfare activities.

In next decade Vadodara SPCA should expand its role and activity to :
  • Eliminate the population of stray dogs in the city in a time bound programme.
  • Provide guidance and expertise for reducing stray dog population to neighboring towns and villages.
  • Create strong awareness amongst the public leading to resistance of buying loose milk from local vendors forcing cattle living within the city limits to farms or organized Dairies.
  • Modernise the Kitchen for the animals. Install Bio-Gas Plant.
  • Become the most popular and modern Animal Hospital with all latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment in the region - open for 24 hours.
  • Create a training College for the Veterinary Doctors and Surgeons.
  • Introduce programme in schools to inculcate compassion in the young children for animals and against cruelty.
  • To conduct programme in city and villages for awareness of animal health & treatment.
  • Adopt a small village to demonstrate how living should be modernized with hygiene and co-habitation of animals in mind.

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