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Photo Gallery
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Back Tumor
Calf Leg Amputation
Abdominal Hernia Dog
Aural Haematoma Dog
Bone in Mouth Dog
Castration Dog
Damar Coaltar Dog
Fish Bone Removal From Neck- Dog
Leg Amputation Dog
Mammary Tumor Dog
Paraphimosis Dog
Pyometra & Cystic Ovary
Scabies Dog
Veneral Tumor Dog
Wire Cut on Neck Dog
Misc Goat
Teat Laceration Goat
Horse Dressing
Pig Accident
Sheep Wound
Acid Burn Cow
Bone Plating Dog
Spaying Dog
Teat Canal Blockage Goat
Teat Tancer Goat
Horn Amputation
Penectomy Dog
Saline Cat
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