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  We rescue animals in need, treat injured animals and give a home to abandoned animals. We sterilise street dogs so that their number is reduced. Every day we strive to fulfil our commitment to animals.

Calls to rescue sick and injured stray animals are received at our helpline number: 0265-6555552 between 10 am and 5 pm. Our two ambulances pick up the animals and bring them to the shelter where our veterinary doctors treat them. They are left in their own locality after they recover. When they are brought in, a ribbon is put on them with the call number and area number to make sure they go back to their own territory. All this is free of cost. Vadodara SPCA rescues and treats about 3000 sick and disabled animals every year.

There are two full time doctors and three assistants in the hospital. Ten more people are employed to look after the animals after treatment. Thus 15 people plus an Administrator and an Accountant work tirelessly for the Society. Dr. Ransingh S Purohit has performed unique treatments like saving dogs that have been covered with tar. He also is an expert in treating all types of tumours and performing amputations.

  Vallabh Gaupalan Kendra was established in 2005, where we look after sick, injured and neglected cows. Inspiration and blessings to the Gaupalan is given by Parampujya Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshree. In the Vallabh Gopalan Kendra we have around twenty cows whose milk feeds indoor patients. We accept donations of green and dry fodder for the cows.

  Major and minor operations are performed at the hospital such as leg amputation, spaying/neutering, Caesarean section, venereal tumour, mammary gland tumour, horn cancer, hernia, aural haematoma and orthopaedic surgery.

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